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King Fisher

King Fisher

This guy was being coy and wouldn’t come closer for his picture. I could see him through the trees diving into the creek to find his New Years dinner.


Frost Ferns

Frost Ferns

These “leaves” are about as big as your thumbnail.

Coal Creek, Lafayette CO


P.S. It looks like this post never got published. This was scheduled for 12/20/2013. Oh well, better late than never.



Hayhenge is a prehistoric site constructed at least 3 hours BP (Before Picture). The cultural significance of the site is lost to modern science. Some believe that the site was a place of spiritual healing. The snake caught in the hay being eaten by the red tail hawk has a different opinion.

Follow this link to a panorama of Hayhenge.

A full resolution print of the Hayhenge panorama would be 11 inches high by 5 feet long. Take a peek! This is a crop of a larger panorama which would be 16 inches high by 20 feet long.

BTW – during my extensive research for this article, I was reading about Stonehenge and I came across this wikipedia article on shear-legs. Maybe it is just me but I think this is the funniest thing I have read on wikipedia.


Where I live

Where I live

This picture is a small part of a panorama shows where I live. To really see the full picture you must click on one of the links below. The annotated version has markers for the notes below. The other one has higher quality and no annotations.

These images are large. They may take awhile to download. Instructions for exploring these pictures are below. I suggest opening them in a separate window or tab.

The full resolution image without annotations is here

The full resolution image WITH annotations is here


On Internet Explorer, the picture shows full resolution during the download and then shrinks to fit your window once the download is complete. Click on the picture to get full resolution. Use the scroll bars to move around.

Chrome shows the picture shrunk to fit your window while it downloads. Once the dowload is complete, click on the picture to get full size. Use the scrollbars to move around

On a Mac/Safari the picture is shrunk to fit your window while it downloads. Once downloaded, click on the picture to get full size. Drag the picture left/right and up/down to look around.

Use the full size picture to get a better idea of what it is like being here.


A – The windmills are at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Just on the other side of them is the Flatirons Vista Trail where I took Alas, No Flatirons, Mile High Cow, Prairie Meets Mountain, The Road To Eldorado among other pictures.

B – This is the hill seen in “Clear, Not Close”. That picture was taken about 100 yards to right of where I am standing and looking towards Longs Peak.

C – Longs Peak is a 14er (a mountain over 14 thousand feet tall) and is very prominent around these parts. The peak is about 45 miles from where I am standing. It is seen in Clear, Not Close, Serendipity among others.

D – This red car is in this picture several times. How many copies of it can you find?

E – This  tree line marks the path of Coal Creek in Lafayette (about 6 miles). This is where Jack, Frost Hollow, Remnants of Summer, Waters Edge, Translucent Duck among others.

F – National Center for Atmospheric Research on Table Mesa in Boulder (about 13 miles). Some of the pictures taken here include, Dear Duo, Dusted Bear, Lichen Rock, The Tallest Grass, For the Cow Fans

G – In the picture Dusted Bear, this is where Waldo is.

H – These are cows.

I – Over this ridge is the city of Boulder. You can’t see it from here. Some of the pictures taken here include Fortress of Solitude, What’s This?, Claira’s Friend, Red Tale, Isocline, Burlington

J -This is the entrance to Eldorado Canyon.

K – Most of this snow is along the Continental Divide (about 45 miles). The snow you see is on the east side and will melt and eventually flow to the Gulf of Mexico. The snow on the west side will flow into the Pacific Ocean (if it doesn’t evaporate first)

L – The coyote in “Mixed Use” was somewhere about here. That picture was taken a few hundred feet to the left of where I am standing.

M – If you fly this direction about 80 miles you will be in Breckenridge where I took Christmas Sunset, Blue Moon, Cold Duck, Reflections On A Blue River etc

N – If you fly this direction about 40 miles you will be in Estes Park near the Rocky Mountain National Park. That is where I took Elk Classic, Old Boys Club, Mount Chapin, Peekaboo Elk, Lodgepole, Winter Garden, High Country, etc

O – You won’t find O on the picture – O is behind you. This is where I live. Many of the other pictures were taken here.


Ferruginous Hawk

Ferruginous Hawk

This is the same fellow from 100, 1/4, 15, 45.

Taking the picture of birds in the sky often ends with dark birds and bright skies.

If you are fast adjusting the camera you can over expose the picture which properly exposes the bird. If you aren’t fast, like me, you can adjust the exposure in the processing software once you get back home. By working with the RAW files in Aperture you can get tons of detail in “too dark” pictures.

RAW files are the data straight from the image sensor in the camera. They are big but they have every bit of information your camera gathered. Of course, you can’t get RAW files from most point and shoot cameras but you can from most DSLRs.