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Where I live

Where I live

This picture is a small part of a panorama shows where I live. To really see the full picture you must click on one of the links below. The annotated version has markers for the notes below. The other one has higher quality and no annotations.

These images are large. They may take awhile to download. Instructions for exploring these pictures are below. I suggest opening them in a separate window or tab.

The full resolution image without annotations is here

The full resolution image WITH annotations is here


On Internet Explorer, the picture shows full resolution during the download and then shrinks to fit your window once the download is complete. Click on the picture to get full resolution. Use the scroll bars to move around.

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Use the full size picture to get a better idea of what it is like being here.


A – The windmills are at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Just on the other side of them is the Flatirons Vista Trail where I took Alas, No Flatirons, Mile High Cow, Prairie Meets Mountain, The Road To Eldorado among other pictures.

B – This is the hill seen in “Clear, Not Close”. That picture was taken about 100 yards to right of where I am standing and looking towards Longs Peak.

C – Longs Peak is a 14er (a mountain over 14 thousand feet tall) and is very prominent around these parts. The peak is about 45 miles from where I am standing. It is seen in Clear, Not Close, Serendipity among others.

D – This red car is in this picture several times. How many copies of it can you find?

E – This  tree line marks the path of Coal Creek in Lafayette (about 6 miles). This is where Jack, Frost Hollow, Remnants of Summer, Waters Edge, Translucent Duck among others.

F – National Center for Atmospheric Research on Table Mesa in Boulder (about 13 miles). Some of the pictures taken here include, Dear Duo, Dusted Bear, Lichen Rock, The Tallest Grass, For the Cow Fans

G – In the picture Dusted Bear, this is where Waldo is.

H – These are cows.

I – Over this ridge is the city of Boulder. You can’t see it from here. Some of the pictures taken here include Fortress of Solitude, What’s This?, Claira’s Friend, Red Tale, Isocline, Burlington

J -This is the entrance to Eldorado Canyon.

K – Most of this snow is along the Continental Divide (about 45 miles). The snow you see is on the east side and will melt and eventually flow to the Gulf of Mexico. The snow on the west side will flow into the Pacific Ocean (if it doesn’t evaporate first)

L – The coyote in “Mixed Use” was somewhere about here. That picture was taken a few hundred feet to the left of where I am standing.

M – If you fly this direction about 80 miles you will be in Breckenridge where I took Christmas Sunset, Blue Moon, Cold Duck, Reflections On A Blue River etc

N – If you fly this direction about 40 miles you will be in Estes Park near the Rocky Mountain National Park. That is where I took Elk Classic, Old Boys Club, Mount Chapin, Peekaboo Elk, Lodgepole, Winter Garden, High Country, etc

O – You won’t find O on the picture – O is behind you. This is where I live. Many of the other pictures were taken here.


Hairy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker

Likely a female or juvenile since it didn’t have the red patch on its head.
This one didn’t seem to care that I was there huffing and puffing trying to catch my breath. I never understood why the ancient romans could create aquaducts that follow the isocline (line of equal elevation) and we could create a rail line across the country with no more than the gentlest inclines but we can’t create hiking trails that do anything but head straight for the highest part of any hill and then straight back down again.

Winter Garden

Winter Garden

Chasm Falls was a bust for pictures. It was frozen solid and covered with snow. After a snack (all food tastes better after 3 miles of hiking up hill) we started down. I found this scene on the boulders. The moss is growing on solid rock clinging for life along with the lichen. It was snowing which enhanced the depth of the scene.

To get a sense of scale, look at the lower left corner of the picture for a pine needle. It is about an inch long.


National Center For Atmospheric Deer

National Center For Atmospheric Deer

The National Center for Atmospheric Research is on Table Mesa.

Mesa means a flat topped mountain. It is also a spanish word that means table. So shouldn’t this be called Table Table, or maybe Mesa Mesa. Just askin’

There is another place here named Table Mountain. A table mountain is a flat topped mountain also known as a mesa. So, shouldn’t Table Mountain just be called Mesa? Just askin’

There is another place in Colorado called Crested Butte. A butte is a narrow flat topped mountain. Like a mesa, but narrower. A crest is the summit of a hill or mountain. If a butte has a crest, is it really a butte or is it just a mountain? Just askin’

OK, I’ll be quiet now 😉

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Dusted Bear – Here’s Waldo

Dusted Bear – Here’s Waldo

I posed a challenge in the Dusted Bear post. Find the guy in the picture. In case you couldn’t find him, here he is. This is in the lower left of the picture. This is a screen shot of the image at 1:1 magnification (1 picture pixel is one screen pixel).

If you look closely, you can see his dog.

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Lichen Rock

Lichen Rock

Lichen (the green stuff) is a composite organism consisting of a fungus and an algae. The algae creates sugars via photosynthesis that feeds both the algae and fungus. The fungus provides structural protection for the algae plus helps to retain moisture and minerals.

Some lichens grow at a predictable rate allowing the size to be used to determine how long a rock has been in its current location.

The differing colors of lichen are due to the different species of lichen on the rock.

The white stuff is snow 😉

Let me know if you are lichen my rock picture.

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Dear Duo

Dear Duo

This picture was taken on Table Mesa in Boulder near NCAR. There is no hunting in the  Boulder Mountain Parks. This makes the deer unafraid of people. These two were just waiting for me to get out of their way so they could mosey along.

The sun was behind them which normally makes getting a good image tough. However, the day was overcast which provided more ambient light to illuminate their faces. On a sunny day, the shadows can be too deep to get needed detail.

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Dusted Bear

Dusted Bear

Bear Mountain in Boulder as seen from NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research).

Bear Mountain is one of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. In other words, this is a small mountain. It is hard to grasp the size in pictures. But, there is a person in this one. Let’s call him Waldo. Can you find him? Hint, he is walking his dog.